Who We Are

  • infrarōt marketing research is a boutique, full-service market research and consulting company. We deliver tailor-made, innovative marketing research and consulting that results in fresh insights and actionable results.
    infrarōt marketing research stands for: advanced, innovative research methods to illuminate your customers’ hearts and minds, finding creative solutions, and helping you to gain more insight, clarity, and direction.
    We aim to deliver better quality, service, and thinking than the big ships in market research –being faster and more efficient.
  • With more than 15 years of experience and a fresh view on your challenge, we enable you to gain clarity, develop more enlightened understanding, and make the right decisions.
    We combine in-depth international research expertise with innovative methodologies, strategic thinking, and analytic depth. Given our longstanding experience, we can offer smarter, more valuable solutions and results.
    Whether you need market research consultancy, a full research study, or the moderation of group discussions, we would be pleased to help. For international research studies, we draw upon our global network of independent agencies.

What We Offer

  • We offer our marketing research and consulting services to market research specialists, advertising agencies, marketing departments, and all other interested parties with a challenge.
    Our focus lies on qualitative insight, brand, product and communication research in a wide range of categories.
    Our aim is always to go beyond the obvious and deliver deeper and more relevant insight. Where appropriate, we also engage in creative work with consumers or clients.
    We combine well-established, innovative, and the latest digital methods in a fresh way for intelligent, optimised research designs.
    We are continually developing innovative research methods, based on proven scientific theories and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Our focus is innovative qualitative research, but we also offer hybrid quali-quant and quantitative research:
    Classic research:
    • Group discussions
    • Depth interviews
    • Ethnographic approaches
    • Semiotics
    • Quantitative (online/offline)
    Creative work:
    • Creative workshops with customers
    • Creative product or brand development workshops with clients

  • Digital qualitative research:
    • Online insight communities/MROCs
    • Online group discussions and interviews
    • Mobile qualitative research
    Hybrid method combinations:
    • LiveLink: Live, integrated quali-quant research methodology that delivers instant results using an audience response system
    • Quali-quant studies based on custom hybrid method combinations

Our Approach

  • Qualitative thinking is at the heart of our mission to better understand why your clients feel, think, and act as they do. We use the same mode of thinking to approach quantitative data, gain a deeper understanding and integrate them into our analysis.
    After years of immersing in innovative research methods, we have become highly skilled at combining different research tools and methods to find the optimal approach — sometimes sophisticated, sometimes surprisingly simple —to solving research challenges.
    We approach every project with a fascination for people, strategic thinking, enthusiasm for smart marketing and research - and with a creative mind-set.
  • We employ a multi-method approach to bring light to the driving forces in consumers’ minds and hearts. Where possible, we rely on implicit research techniques to understand what consumers really think.
    To let you see more infrarōt marketing research uses theories from:
    • Behavioural psychology
    • Cognitive linguistics
    • Cultural sciences and semiotics
    • Archetype theory
    • Sociology
    • Neuroscience
    • Communication studies
    In every single project, we aim to:
    • Go far beyond the obvious with our thinking, results & recommendations
    • Always apply the highest-quality standards in what we do
    • Understand the strategic nature of the challenge
    • Approach research participants with an empathic attitude
    • Solve every challenge in the best possible way

The Team

  • We are an enthusiastic, creative team of researchers, supported by a network of freelancers who join us depending on each project’s specific needs.
    Martin H. Eick,
    founder of infrarōt marketing research, draws upon more than 15 years of international market research. He fell in love with international market research in all of its facets at H,T,P, Concept (now HappyThinkingPeople). He later moved to Hamburg to work at MetrixLab as head of the German new product development, where he focused on quantitative research. He then dove deep into brand consultancy at Icon Added Value, again with a qualitative focus.
    Martin started infrarōt marketing research in 2014 because he felt that it is time for a marketing research agency in Germany that approaches all kinds of research — be it quantitative or qualitative - with a decidedly qualitative and strategic mind-set.

    Martin is a full member of BVM, the German market research association.
  • Nicole von Beuningen,
    senior research manager at infrarōt marketing research has a long history in market research, successfully managing international research projects for 20 years now. Nicole has studied economics in Hamburg after vocational training in business administration.
    Nicole is passionate about market research and its impact on business decisions and strategies. She enjoys finding creative solutions to complex problems and delivering actionable insights to her clients. She is always eager to learn new methods and tools to enhance her research skills and stay updated on the latest developments in the field.

Contact Us

  • Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.
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